The Repertoire Jolt

Kvast_RJ_logoBAssociation of Swedish Women Composers, ASWC, has since 2009/2010 provided  the Swedish orchestras with the resources they have required, such as the Repertoire Repository on our website – RepertoarBanken – and our unique collection on the site of close to 800 bios of female composers (containing a portrait, link to the composer’s site or other web based information, and in some cases, sound samples).

All women composers are listed from A – Ö with link to the composer’s short biography.
You will find them here

Due to the uneven nature of progress, we are expanding our efforts by offering orchestras a partnership framework, in which they choose their own goals and strategies, and we coach them in meeting those goals. We call it the Repertoire Jolt, because it is about time to jolt out of old habits.


The Repertoire Tour: fall 2013 – spring 2014

The Repertoire Jolt tour start at the fall of 2013 and will be finished during spring 2014. Members of the ASCW board have talks and discussions with all 19 Swedish orchestras.

We will constantly on this site provide information about how the project Repertoire Jolt proceeds and publish the reactions and preferences derived from the talks.


The project Repertoire Jolt has financial support by Statens musikverk (Music Development and Heritage Sweden).




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