KVAST – Association of Swedish Women Composers

More women composers in the public arena
makes for democracy and excellent art.


During the 2008/09 season, nearly 99% of the works performed by Swedish orchestras were composed by men, while just over 1% were by women.

These dismal figures triggered the establishment of KVAST, an acronym meaning “Broom”, a not-for-profit organization of and for female composers, in autumn 2008.


The objectives of KVAST are:

  • ensure that the repertoire expands to include works
  • by more women composers,
  • provide the decision-makers at music institutions with more knowledge and information concerning the works of female composers from all eras
  • and all corners of the world,
  • raise awareness of the gender perspective
  • in the choice of repertoire.

These efforts will mean not only that more
women are included in the musical dialogue taking place at Swedish concert venues but also to a more general renewal.

The more artistic expressions, the greater the breadth of the music scene!  


KVAST will establish a prize, the Gold Broom
(Guldkvasten), to be awarded to the orchestra or arranger of orchestral concerts, chamber music or electro-acoustic music that has made the greatest effort to include works by women composers.

The prize will include a dedicated fanfare! 

We also hope to secure funding so that a commissioned piece can be made part of the prize.



Download the KVAST presentation folder ›