The Gold Broom Award

KVAST has instituted the Gold Broom Award (Guldkvasten), presented annually to an orchestra or programmer of orchestral, chamber, or electronic-acoustic music that has worked to promote and support women composers.

The Gold Broom Award carries a stipend for the commission of a new piece by a woman composer of the recipient’s choosing. It also includes both a Diploma and a specially composed Fanfare!

Previous Recipients:

Gold Broom Award 2015: Norbergfestival

2015 Gold Broom Award To a 24-Carat Festival

The Association of Swedish Women Composers (KVAST) has the great pleasure of presenting the 2015 Gold Broom Award to NorbergfestivalAward motivation:

“Norbergfestival has done something all concert organizers should do – presented program that is truly gender-equal. At the 2015 festival, their wholehearted commitment to music by women included 37 works composed by women and at least 20 performed musical works and sound installations by women composers, some performed by the composers themselves. On the festival’s five stages, women were behind respectively 100%, 55%, 50%, 47% and 42% of the works performed. Norbergfestival 2015 also included commissioned/exhibited art and sound installations, a full 57% of which were created by women.”

The Gold Broom Award was presented during the Svensk Musikvår festival on Saturday, March 19, 2016, in the Concert Hall at Nybrokajen in Stockholm.

The 2015 Gold Broom Award is presented to Norbergfestival. From left: KVAST chair Maria Lithell Flyg; Björn Magnusson Lupo and Johanna Brandt, Norbergfestival.

A clarification from KVAST: The word “quality” is a door that men in art music have been hiding behind for 100 years. We are hereby exchanging it for the word “carat.” The concept of quality is founded on a patriarchal notion of male genius and implies a hierarchy that men have defined for centuries.

Music is not about power, quality, or hierarchies. Music is about communication.

Norbergfestival is a festival for electronic and experimental music held in Norberg in Västmanland County in central Sweden. The festival was founded in 1999 by Michael Cristiansen. Norbergfestival is held in and around an abandoned mining area. One of the festival’s stages, Mimerlaven, was previously a site for processing iron ore. Between 60 and 120 artists play at the festival each year.

The festival was initially a Swedish-Danish collaboration. The Swedish association Norbergfestival was founded in 2012 and has organized the festival since then.

The 2016 Norbergfestival will take place on July 28–30 in Norberg.

Gold Broom Award 2013: Vadstena Academy (Vadstena-Akademien)

“For its innovative spotlighting of music by women from centuries past, and for showing that you can fill a whole summer with women’s music from the Renaissance to the present day.”

Gold Broom Award 2012: The Sound of Stockholm Festival

“The 2012 Gold Broom Award is presented to Sound of Stockholm, a spirited young festival that, since its beginnings in 2010, has introduced audiences in Stockholm to both Swedish and international contemporary music, with power and love and in a modern, inclusive spirit, providing a platform for freelance musicians and a place for music and audiences to come together. In 2011, the result was a program in which 56% of the music was written by women – as if that was only natural.”

Gold Broom Award 2011: The Swedish Wind Ensemble (Stockholms Läns Blåsarsymfoniker)

“The 2011 Gold Broom Award is presented to the Swedish Wind Ensemble, for being the first orchestra in history to program a gender-equal musical season, with equal numbers of pieces by men and women from the Middle Ages to the present day.”

Gold Broom Award 2010: Båstad Chamber Music Festival

“The first Gold Broom Award is presented to the Båstad Chamber Music Festival and its Artistic Director Karin Dornbusch, for their unique undertaking in putting 23 women composers, past and present, on the program for their 2009 festival week.”