The Association of Swedish Women Composers (Kvinnlig Anhopning av Svenska Tonsättare – KVAST) is a nonprofit organization that works to bring music by women composers to a wider audience: in concert halls, on experimental stages, in auditoriums and musical venues of all kinds, throughout Sweden and around the world. More and more women are now being trained as composers. We are writing a new history.

The more artists’ voices we hear, the richer our musical culture!

2018 we are celebrating our 10 years jubilee! See more info.


Find music by women composers. You can search by genre, instrumentation, title, or duration. We are continually expanding our database, which is already one of the most extensive in the world with over 1670 compositions.



Our website brings together women composers from past and present, near and far. You can browse, search, or listen to samples of a wide variety of orchestral and chamber music, including electronic and live electronic music, choral works, and opera.


KVAST seeks to be both a forum and a facilitator for discussions of all kinds of issues concerning women and new music.