Nordic Repertoire Bank

KVAST has as vision to start a new Nordic Repertoire Bank with works by women composers in the genre of Western Art Music from the Nordic countries.

The database is intended to be run by several institutions and represent all the Nordic countries. It is supposed to be worldwide marketed and make repertoire by women composers from the Nordic countries easily available to art musicians all over the world. We also aim to provide sheet music. The Nordic Repertoire Bank will thus function as a tool in our struggle for more equal repertoire on the world’s classical music scene.

The marketing would promote the common profile of the Nordic countries concerning gender equality, and it would hopefully increase performances by Nordic women composers, as well as it would promote gender equal repertoire on the classical music scene I the Nordic region and in the rest of the world.

During 2021, KVAST will apply for founding to start this long-lasting project. Orchestras and other institutions that already participates are:

Musica Vitae, Västerås Sinfonietta, Nordiska Kammarorkestern, Malmö Live, Musik i Dalarna, Musik i Uppland and Stockholms Konserthus.

This web-site is under development.

About us

The Swedish Association of Women Composers (Kvinnlig Anhopning av Svenska Tonsättare – KVAST) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise awareness for women composers and promote the performance of their music.
What’s a kvast, you may ask? In Swedish, the word kvast means “broom.”


The Repertoire Bank

At over 3,000 works (and counting), our database of music by women composers is among the largest in the world! Browse or search the records and hear samples of a wide range of music: symphonic and chamber, electronic and live electronic, choral and operatic. Find compositions by women based on genre, difficulty level, instrumentation, title or duration.

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Knowledge and Inspiration

Listen, look, read and learn more!
Here you can find selection of women composers with short bio and also a statistics report from Sweden 2016-2019.
Furthermore there are links to lists on Spotify and Youtube, a collection of Links and Tips and link to theory examples.

Knowledge and Inspiration