The Repertoire Bank

A unique musical tool

The Repertoire Bank is maintained by the Association of Swedish Women Composers (KVAST). It is a catalog of music composed by women, with a special focus on contemporary Swedish composers. Here you will find repertoire suggestions for chamber groups, orchestra, and solo instruments, as well as vocal music. The Repertoire Bank already contains over 1,800 works by women composers and we are constantly adding to it.

The Repertoire Bank uses the IMSLP abbreviations for instruments.

The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden is run by the Swedish Performing Arts Agency (Musikverket) and is one of Europe’s largest. It is an excellent resource for advice and help in locating scores and sheet music. The library is also continuously adding to its collections and can sometimes fulfill special purchase requests.

You can search the library’s catalog › for ”women composers”; also try the Swedish search term ”kvinnliga tonsättare.” The latter search currently brings up about 500 hits for music by women, but the library has much more and is gradually expanding the catalog. If you are looking for something specific that doesn’t come up in your search, you can e-mail and ask if the library has the piece but has not yet added it to the catalog.

The library has also compiled a list of about 1000 works by over 70 women composers born between 1746 and 1916