1750 – 1800

Schleicher Krähmer, Caroline


Caroline Schleicher Krähmer (ca. 1794–1850), Switzerland Pseudonym: Karol Krähmer. A distinguished clarinettist; also a violinist and composer. She was encouraged to study both clarinet and violin by her father (a bassoonist). She married… Läs mer

Corri Dussek, Sophia


Sophia Giustina Corri Dussek (1775–1831), Great Britain Born in Edinburgh, of Italian descent. She was a singer, pianist, harpist and composer. She studied music with her father, Domenico Corri, who… Läs mer

Colbran, Isabella


Isabella Colbran/Colbrandt (1785–1845), Spain Born in Madrid, she studied for Girolamo Crescendo in Paris. A celebrated opera singer, she launched her career before the age of 20 and moved to Naples… Läs mer

Grétry, Lucile


Lucile Grétry (1772–1790), France Composer; the daughter of composer André Grétry and the artist Jeanne-Marie Grandon. She studied composition with her father. A musical prodigy, she composed the opera comique Le mariage d’Antonio… Läs mer

Löfman, Henriette


Henriette Löfman (1784–1836), Sweden Compositions include a piece for harp, mentioned in Carl Nisser’s Svensk Instrumentalkomposition 1770-1830.