1800 – 1850

Héritte-Viardot, Louise


Louise Héritte-Viardot (1841–1918), France French singer, pianist, and composer. The daughter of composer  Pauline Viardot-Garcia and Louis Viardot and the sister of composer and conductor Paul Viardot. Her singing career was ended by… Läs mer

Edholm, Lotten af


Lovisa Christina Charlotta Lotten af Edholm (1839–1930), Sweden Daughter of the cavalry captain Georg Friedrich von Heijne-Lillienberg and Juliana (Julie) Charlotta Silferstolpe. Her marriage to Edward af Edholm, personal physician to King Charles… Läs mer

Wichern, Caroline


Caroline Wichern (1836–1906), Germany Composer and music teacher who taught at Ellerslie College in Manchester, a school that trained preschool teachers. She had close connections to Johannes Brahms. She composed and published a number of… Läs mer

Zimmermann, Agnes


Agnes Zimmermann (1847–1925), Germany – United Kingdom Pianist and composer. Born in Germany but worked in England. Attended the Royal College of Music, London. Toured Europe as a concert pianist in the early 1880s. She… Läs mer