Klockar, Anna-Karin


Anna-Karin Klockar (b. 1960), Sweden Studied cello, piano, voice, and organ; had two years of private lessons in composition before entering the Arrangement and Composition program at the Royal College of… Läs mer

Persson, Helena


Helena Persson (b. 1975), Sweden Sound artist active in Sweden and internationally. Through the years she has worked with sound in many ways, including installations, architecture, music, film, dance, etc. Her compositions… Läs mer

Baadsvik, Anna


Anna Baadsvik (b. 1966), Sweden and Norway Studied violin and music education at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, and composition and orchestration at the Music Conservatory in Trondheim. She has… Läs mer

Nilsson, Alexandra


Alexandra Zarandrea Nilsson (b. 1979), Sweden Composes film and theater music and sound art.      

Lindström, Emmy


Emmy Lindström (b. 1984), Sweden Studied violin for Päivikki Wirkkala-Malmqvist in Norrköping. At age 14 she was a finalist in the RUM Solo Competition (Riksförbundet Unga Musikanter; the Swedish Federation of Young Musicians). Studied… Läs mer

Roos, Anna Maria


Anna Maria Roos (1862–1938), Sweden Writer, teacher, composer, theosophist. Studied at the Women’s Teacher Seminar (Högre lärarinneseminariet) in Stockholm in 1879–1881. She was an assistant editor at the magazine Ord och Bild… Läs mer

Andersson, Tina


Tina Andersson (b. 1966), Sweden Composes orchestral and choral music; another focus is opera. In 2011, The Angel for choir a cappella was one of the winning entries in the Abbey Road Studios… Läs mer

Söderqvist, Ann-Sofi


Ann-Sofi Söderqvist (b. 1956), Sweden Composer, trumpeter, bandleader. Studied brass pedagogy and composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. She has received numerous prizes and distinctions and performed as… Läs mer

Löfman, Henriette


Henriette Löfman (1784–1836), Sweden Compositions include a piece for harp, mentioned in Carl Nisser’s Svensk Instrumentalkomposition 1770-1830.        

Anduaga, Manolita de


Manolita de Anduaga, married names Forssling, Rosetti, and Andolfi (1875–1968), Sweden Concert pianist and composer. Piano teachers included E. C. Richard Anderson. Composed a number of works for voice and piano.   More… Läs mer

Otter, Augusta von


Augusta von Otter (1869—1946), Sweden Maiden name Rosenquist af Åkershult/Gyllensvaan; her later married name was Bergström. She composed a few songs for voice and piano. While living in Djursholm, she is thought to… Läs mer