Eriksson, Anna


Anna Eriksson (b. 1963), GothenburgAnna Eriksson

Anna Eriksson is a composer, sound artist, and guitarist. Her music has been described as “headstrong soundmaking, halfway between chamber music and sound installation.” She has written commissioned works for many ensembles and soloists and her music has been performed both in Sweden and abroad. In her output, works for string orchestra, percussion, guitar, choir, and musical theater rub shoulders with talking parrots, toy robots, and birthday candles that play music automatically.

Her composition teachers have included Sven-David Sandström at the Gotland School of Music Composition and Ole Lützow Holm at the University of Gothenburg’s Academy for Music and Drama. She also has a degree in guitar pedagogy and teaches the guitar part-time at municipal music and arts schools in Sweden.


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