Viira, Liis


Liis Viira (b. 1983), Estonia Harpist, composer, and improviser. Studied composition and harp at the Estonian Academy of Music in Tallinn. She has also studied composition with Helena Tulva and worked… Läs mer

Silver, Sheila


Sheila Silver (b. 1946), United States Began piano studies at age five. Later studied at the University of California, Berkeley, and at Brandeis University, Michigan. Professor at the State University of… Läs mer

Wrangel, Augusta


Augusta Wrangel

Gyllenhaal, Mathilda


Mathilda Gyllenhaal (1796–1863), Sweden See Mathilda Montgomery-Cederhielm ›          

Orozco, Mathilda


Mathilda Orozco (1796–1863), Italy/Sweden See Mathilda Montgomery-Cederhielm ›          

Eugénie, Princess


Princess Eugénie (1830–1889), Sweden The only daughter of Oscar I and Queen Josefina of Leuchtenberg; sister of Prince Gustaf. Her interests included painting, sculpture, and composition. She wrote a number of… Läs mer

Fahlstedt, Jenny


Jenny Oscaria Amanda Fahlstedt (1853–1906), Sweden  Operetta singer, voice teacher, and composer. Studied at Stockholm’s Musikkonservatorium and later for Pauline Viardot in Paris. Upon returning to Stockholm, she founded a… Läs mer

Ridderstolpe, Caroline


Caroline Ridderstolpe, née Kolbe (1793–1878), Sweden Composer and singer. Daughter of the Kapellmeister Carl Kolbe of Berlin. She studied composition for Carl Maria von Weber and wrote a number of songs. She was… Läs mer

Branscombe, Gena


Gena Branscombe (1881–1977), Canada Composer, pianist, conductor, and teacher. Studied at Chicago Musical College. Taught at Whitman College in Washington state; later she studied for Engelbert Humperdinck in Berlin. She… Läs mer

Brahe, May


May Hannah Brahe (1884–1956), Australia Composer. Studied piano for her mother, then at the Stratherne Girls’ School. Moved to London (her family remained in the provinces) to pursue composition. She is most known… Läs mer

Kunkel, Renata


Renata Kunkel (b. 1954), Poland Studied composition with Marian Borkowski and conducting with Ryszard Dudek and Elisabeth Kuyper at the Academy of Music in Warsaw. She composes for orchestra and chamber… Läs mer

Krzyżanowska, Halina


Halina Krzyżanowska (1860–1937 ), (Poland) France Born in Paris into a large and musical family. Married in 1910; her married name was Hélène Comtesse de Dyhrn. She was an internationally recognized pianist and… Läs mer

Havenstein, Birgit


Birgit Havenstein (b. 1954), Germany Flautist and composer. Studied at the Städtisches Conservatorium in Berlin. She has written chamber and solo instrumental works.      

Höghielm, Karin


Karin Höghielm (b. 1962), Sweden Composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. She has studied piano, classical voice and cello as well as dance, theater, painting, and sculpture. She has written film, theater, and dance… Läs mer

Leite, Vânia Dantas


Vânia Dantas Leite (b. 1945), Brazil Pianist, conductor, composer, and music educator. Studied piano and composition at the Escola Nacional de Musica, Rio de Janeiro and taught at the state university in Rio… Läs mer

Gow, Dorothy


Dorothy Gow (1893–1982), United Kingdom Studied at the Royal College of Music in London with Ralph Vaughan Willians and with Egon Wellesz in Vienna; even before that, she had successfully debuted some of her… Läs mer

Güran, Nazife


Nazife Güran (1921–1993), Turkey Born in Vienna. Studied in Ankara, in Istanbul, and later piano and composition at the Hochschule für Musik in Berlin and the Höchschule for Musik in Cologne. After… Läs mer

Fleischer, Tsippi


Tsippi Fleischer (b. 1946), Israel Studied at the Rubin Conservatory of Music in Haifa and has taught at Bar-Ilan University and the Levinsky Institute in Tel Aviv. Her compositions often blend… Läs mer

Anselmi, Lucia Contini


 Lucia Contini Anselmi (1876–1913), Italy Pianist and composer. Studied composition at the conservatory in Rome (teachers included Alessandro Parisotti). Toured as a concert pianist. Composed for orchestra, solo piano, violin, and cello…. Läs mer

Gyllenhaal, Aurora


Aurora Gyllenhaal (1830–1888), Sweden Lady-in-waiting to the Crown Princess Lovisa. An industrious composer, although she had not mastered written musical notation, which she received assistance with. Her works include a Festpolonaise that… Läs mer