1900 – 1950

Uyttenhove, Yolande


Yolande Uyttenhove (1925–2000), Belgium Composer and pianist. Trained at the Brussels Conservatory and the Royal Academy of Music, London. She founded a music school in 1972 in Braine-l’Alleud, where she was… Läs mer

Vande Gorne, Annette


Annette Vande Gorne (b. 1946) Belgium Composer and writer. Attended the conservatories in Mons and Brussels and studied with Pierre Schaeffer at the Conservatoire national supérieur, Paris. She founded the Association de… Läs mer

Reverdy, Michèle


Michèle Reverdy (b. 1943), France Born in Alexandra, Egypt. Studed at the Paris Conservatory with Olivier Messiaen and Claude Ballif. She became a teacher at the conservatory in 1983. She has composed… Läs mer

Monk, Meredith


Meredith Monk (b. 1942), United States Composer, vocalist, performer, choreographer. Studied at Sarah Lawrence College. She is best-known for her innovative vocal works, which she performs herself as a soloist or in… Läs mer

Aarne, Els


Els Aarne, after 1940 Els Paemurru (1917–1995), Estonia Estonian composer and teacher. Born in Makiivka, Ukraine; studied at the conservatory in Tallin, received a teaching degree in 1939, a piano degree… Läs mer