Lindeman, Anna Severine


Anna Severine Lindeman (1857–1938), Norway Pianist, composer, and music teacher. She received her early musical training from close relatives, took piano and voice lessons in Dresden, attended music school in Kristiania,… Läs mer

Tschetschulin, Agnes


Agnes Tschetschulin (1859–1942), Finland Violinist, composer, and music educator, born in Helsingfors. Studied violin at Helsingfors Musikinstitut and from 1885–1889 for Joseph Joachim at the Hochschule für Musik in Berlin, where… Läs mer

Holmberg, Betzy


Betzy Holmberg (1860–1900), Finland Born in Düsseldorf, she grew up with her maternal grandparents in Oslo. Studied music at the Copenhagen Conservatory (1877–1879) and the Leipzig Conservatory (1880–1883). Her compositions… Läs mer

Ahvenjärvi, Sanna


Sanna Ahvenjärvi (b. 1972), Finland Studied composition at the Mozarteum (Magistra der Künste) and music theory at Oulu Conservatory, as well as composition at the Luxembourg Conservatory. She has written works for… Läs mer

Eränkö, Johanna


Johanna Eränkö (b. 1981), Finland Studied composition at the University of Helsinki and later violin and composition at the University of Tampere. She has written works for chamber orchestra and and… Läs mer

Isomäki, Paulina


Paulina Isomäki (b. 1964), Finland Studied piano at Catawba College in the U.S. and music at Åbo Academy. She composes music for the stage (children’s theater and chamber opera), for… Läs mer