Colbran, Isabella


Isabella Colbran/Colbrandt (1785–1845), Spain Born in Madrid, she studied for Girolamo Crescendo in Paris. A celebrated opera singer, she launched her career before the age of 20 and moved to Naples… Läs mer

McDowall, Cecilia


Cecilia McDowall (b. 1951), United Kingdom Studied at the University of Edinburgh and continued her music studies at Trinity College of Music, London. She has also studied for Joseph Horovitz, Robert Saxton,… Läs mer

Kats-Chernin, Elena


Elena Kats-Chernin, (b. 1957), Uzbekistan and Australia Born and raised in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan. Emigrated to Australia in 1975. She studied composition for Richard Toop and later for… Läs mer

Stulginska, Agnieszka


Agnieszka Stulginska (b. 1978), Poland Educated at the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music, Gdańsk (graduated in 2006) where she studied composition for Krzysztof Olczak, and at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, Belgium. Her compositions have… Läs mer

Huszcza, Anna Maria


Anna Maria Huszcza (b. 1987), Poland   Composer and multimedia artist. Studied rhythmics at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Earned her degree in composition under Professor Martin Błażewicz… Läs mer

Viira, Liis


Liis Viira (b. 1983), Estonia Harpist, composer, and improviser. Studied composition and harp at the Estonian Academy of Music in Tallinn. She has also studied composition with Helena Tulva and worked… Läs mer

Fung, Vivian


Vivian Fung (b. 1975), Canada Began her composition studies with Violet Archer and continued with Narcis Bonet in Paris. She is a graduate of the Juilliard School. She has received numerous… Läs mer

Hagen, Jocelyn


Jocelyn Hagen (b. 1980), United States Studied composition and music theory at St. Olaf College, Minnesota, and at the University of Minnesota. She began by composing songs and has continued to… Läs mer

Grime, Helen


Helen Grime (b. 1981), United Kingdom

Shaw, Caroline


Caroline Shaw (b. 1982), United States Composer, violinist, and singer. Made headlines in 2013 when she was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. Currently a doctoral student at Princeton University. She composes for chamber and… Läs mer

Panufnik, Roxanna


Roxanna Panufnik (b. 1984), United Kingdom Studied composition at the Royal Academy of Music, London. She works in a broad range of genres, having already composed for orchestra, choir, chamber ensemble, opera, ballet,… Läs mer

Anderson, Laurie


Laura Phillips ‘Laurie’ Anderson (b. 1947), United States Musician and composer. First made a name for herself as a performance artist in New York in the 1970s, and later became well-known… Läs mer

Paidere, Ruta


Ruta Paidere (b. 1977), Latvia Received her early musical education at the prestigious Jázeps Medin school in her hometown of Tukums. She went on to study composition, music theory, and piano pedagogy at… Läs mer

Moszumańska-Nazar, Krystyna


Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar (1924–2009), Ukraine/Poland Born in Lviv, Ukraine; moved to Kraków, Poland after WWII, where she studied composition and piano at the State Higher School of Msuic. She won many… Läs mer

Barkovskaya, Alexandra


Alexandra Barkovskaya (b. 1980), Belarus Composer and musician. Born in Minsk, now residing in Berlin. Studied at the Academy of Music in Minsk, the Berlin University of the Arts, and the Konrad… Läs mer

Frances-Hoad, Cheryl


Cheryl Frances-Hoad (b. 1980), United Kingdom Born in Essex. She began her musical training at the Yehudi Menuhin School, Gonville, and continued at Caius College at the University of Cambridge. Won… Läs mer

Beckmann, Heike


Heike Beckmann (b. 1959), Germany Studied theology, history, and composition at the University of Siegen, and later piano at the  Robert Schumann School of Music in Düsseldorf. Active today as a singer,… Läs mer

Grétry, Lucile


Lucile Grétry (1772–1790), France Composer; the daughter of composer André Grétry and the artist Jeanne-Marie Grandon. She studied composition with her father. A musical prodigy, she composed the opera comique Le mariage d’Antonio… Läs mer

Alwyn, Mary


Mary Alwyn › see Doreen Carwithen      

Auerbach, Lera


Lera Auerbach (b. 1973), Russia, United States Pianist and composer. Born in Russia in Chelyabinsk, near the Siberian border; now resident in the U.S. Wrote her first opera at age… Läs mer