1850 – 1900

Lindeman, Anna Severine


Anna Severine Lindeman (1857–1938), Norway Pianist, composer, and music teacher. She received her early musical training from close relatives, took piano and voice lessons in Dresden, attended music school in Kristiania,… Läs mer

Roesgen-Champion, Marguerite


Marguerite Roesgen-Champion (1894–1976); Switzerland Composer and harpsichordist. Studied with Ernest Bloch and Émile Jacques-Dalcroze. Lived and worked as a composer in Paris after 1926. She wrote orchestral works, harpsichord and piano pieces, chamber… Läs mer

Tschetschulin, Agnes


Agnes Tschetschulin (1859–1942), Finland Violinist, composer, and music educator, born in Helsingfors. Studied violin at Helsingfors Musikinstitut and from 1885–1889 for Joseph Joachim at the Hochschule für Musik in Berlin, where… Läs mer

Pravossudovic, Natalia


Natalia Pravossudovic, also Natalia Pravossudovitj,  Natalie Prawossudowitsch (1899–1988), Russia – Germany – Italy Composer and pianist born in Vilna, Russia (now Vilnius, Lithuania). Began her music studies in Saint Petersburg. Left Russia for political reasons… Läs mer

Vieu, Jane


Jane Vieu, née Marie-Elodie Fabre  (1871–1955), France Composer who also published her pieces under the pseudonym Pierre Valette. A gifted pianist; pupil of Gaston Salvayre. She composed orchestral, chamber, ballet, and piano… Läs mer

Urner, Catherine Murphy


Catherine Murphy Urner (1891–1942), United States Studied piano, voice, and composition at Goucher College, Baltimore. University studies in Oxford, Ohio, Berkeley, and Paris. Was professor at Mills College, California. She collected Native… Läs mer

Barns, Ethel


Ethel Barns (1874–1948), United Kingdom Violinist, pianist, and composer. Enrolled at the Royal Academy of Music, London, at age 13. Debuted as a violinist in 1896 and toured in Britain and the… Läs mer

Holmberg, Betzy


Betzy Holmberg (1860–1900), Finland Born in Düsseldorf, she grew up with her maternal grandparents in Oslo. Studied music at the Copenhagen Conservatory (1877–1879) and the Leipzig Conservatory (1880–1883). Her compositions… Läs mer

Härma, Miina


Miina Härma (1864–1941), Estonia Studied composition and piano as a teenager for K.A. Hermann. Continued her studies at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory. Became famous for bringing organ music to the Estonian… Läs mer

Roos, Anna Maria


Anna Maria Roos (1862–1938), Sweden Writer, teacher, composer, theosophist. Studied at the Women’s Teacher Seminar (Högre lärarinneseminariet) in Stockholm in 1879–1881. She was an assistant editor at the magazine Ord och Bild… Läs mer

Webenau, Vilma von


Vilma von Webenau (1875–1953), Austria Granddaughter of the pianist and composer Julie von Webenau. Studied harmony and composition in Vienna; was Arnold Schönberg’s first private pupil. She later taught music herself… Läs mer

Anduaga, Manolita de


Manolita de Anduaga, married names Forssling, Rosetti, and Andolfi (1875–1968), Sweden Concert pianist and composer. Piano teachers included E. C. Richard Anderson. Composed a number of works for voice and piano.   More… Läs mer

Otter, Augusta von


Augusta von Otter (1869—1946), Sweden Maiden name Rosenquist af Åkershult/Gyllensvaan; her later married name was Bergström. She composed a few songs for voice and piano. While living in Djursholm, she is thought to… Läs mer