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Fuchs, Lillian


Lillian Fuchs, 1901–1995, United States Violist, music educator, and composer. Born into a family of musicians, she began studying piano but continued with the violin, making her professional debut in New York in… Läs mer

Perry, Julia


Julia Amanda Perry, (1924–1979), United States Studied piano, voice, and composition at Westminster Choir College. Later studied with Luigi Dallapiccola at the Berkshire Music Center, Tanglewood. She received two Guggenheim Fellowships and… Läs mer

Kent, Julia


Julia Kent, United States Cellist and composer. Born in Vancouver, Canada; currently resides in New York. Studied cello at Indiana University in Bloomington. Performed with various ensembles during the 1990s. Her compositional techniques include looping… Läs mer

Polevá, Viktoria


Viktoria Polevá (Poleváya) (b. 1962), Ukraine Composer, the daughter of composer Valery Polevoy. Trained at the Kiev Conservatory. She has composed orchestral, solo instrumental, and chamber music as well as many choral works…. Läs mer

Kats-Chernin, Elena


Elena Kats-Chernin, (b. 1957), Uzbekistan and Australia Born and raised in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan. Emigrated to Australia in 1975. She studied composition for Richard Toop and later for… Läs mer

Hagen, Jocelyn


Jocelyn Hagen (b. 1980), United States Studied composition and music theory at St. Olaf College, Minnesota, and at the University of Minnesota. She began by composing songs and has continued to… Läs mer

Fung, Vivian


Vivian Fung (b. 1975), Canada Began her composition studies with Violet Archer and continued with Narcis Bonet in Paris. She is a graduate of the Juilliard School. She has received numerous… Läs mer

Shaw, Caroline


Caroline Shaw (b. 1982), United States Composer, violinist, and singer. Made headlines in 2013 when she was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. Currently a doctoral student at Princeton University. She composes for chamber and… Läs mer

Anderson, Laurie


Laura Phillips ‘Laurie’ Anderson (b. 1947), United States Musician and composer. First made a name for herself as a performance artist in New York in the 1970s, and later became well-known… Läs mer

Vieu, Jane


Jane Vieu, née Marie-Elodie Fabre  (1871–1955), France Composer who also published her pieces under the pseudonym Pierre Valette. A gifted pianist; pupil of Gaston Salvayre. She composed orchestral, chamber, ballet, and piano… Läs mer

Blaustein, Susan


Susan Morton Blaustein (b. 1953), United States Pianist and composer. Studied piano and composition at Pomona College and continued her studies at the Liege Conservatory and at Yale University. She has served as… Läs mer

Silver, Sheila


Sheila Silver (b. 1946), United States Began piano studies at age five. Later studied at the University of California, Berkeley, and at Brandeis University, Michigan. Professor at the State University of… Läs mer

Wullur, Sinta


Sinta Wullur (b. 1958), Indonesia – the Netherlands Born in Indonesia; moved to the Netherlands at age 10. Studied piano and composition at the Sweelinck Conservatory. Later also studied electronic music. She… Läs mer

Whitehead, Gillian


Gillian Whitehead (b. 1941), New Zealand Dame Gillian Karawe Whitehead. She studied composition at the University of Sydney and later for Peter Maxwell Davies in Adelaide. She has worked in the U.K.,… Läs mer

White, Ruth


Ruth White (b. 1925), United States Composer and publicist. Studied composition at Carnegie Tech, Pennsylvania, in addition to violin, cello, harp, clarinet, and horn. She continued her studies with the avant-garde… Läs mer

Walker, Gwyneth Van Anden


Gwyneth van Anden Walker (b. 1947), United States Composer and educator. Attended Brown University and the Hartt School of Muisc; she also taught at both schools before turning to composition full-time. She composes… Läs mer

Shaw Wylie, Ruth


Ruth Shaw Wylie (1916–1989), United States Composer and educator. Studied composition at Wayne State University, Michigan, and at the Eastman School of Music. She also studied for Artur Honegger, Samuel Barber, and Aaron Copland at… Läs mer

Franchi, Dorothea Anne


Dorothea Anne Franchi  (1920–2003), New Zealand Pianist, teacher, and composer. Studied at the University of Auckland and the Royal College of Music, London. She was musical director and pianist at the New… Läs mer

Fujiie, Keiko


Keiko Fujiie (b. 1963), Japan Studied at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. She has composed solo instrumental works as well as works for chamber ensemble and orchestra. She… Läs mer

Barkin, Elaine


Elaine Barkin, née Radoff (b. 1932), United States Composer, writer, and teacher. Studied composition and music theory at Queens College in New York and at Brandeis University. Has taught at Queens College,… Läs mer